Katya Pyshko
Digital Marketing Specialist
Hi, I am Katya, an experienced digital marketing specialist.
I help to attract clients and customers from the Internet.
My goal is to help businesses grow their online presence, reputation and loyalty.

I have successfully helped small businesses and startups ­in various fields: real estate, IT-technologies, jewellery,
event management, psychology, interior design and other.

I have an experience in international companies such as Diebold Nixdorf, Samsung, INDEPRO (Poland), KomeFruta (Spain), Helppy (Greece), Happy Minds Life (UAE), Domus (Malta).

My responsibilities included project coordination, administrative work, content creation and social media design. I know how to organize the workflow and submit the projects on time.

With the benefit of being polyglot, I am able to work across global platforms.

Whether you are wanting to have a new website or to create a unique company brand, I am here to help you implement and develop your goals and ambitions.
I am a multitasking specialist.
I create presentations, websites,
write articles and social media content.
I energize young businesses and help startups to grow up fast-paced.

What can I help you?
Katya Pyshko
Digital Marketing Specialist
iPhone / WhatsApp: +48 502 958 476
E-mail: k.pyshko@gmail.com
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